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Seedcorn Finance Investment Case Studies

Case Study: Reset Certification Scheme

Posted 1st January 2017

Technology company Reset Certification Scheme enables organisations such as NHS trusts, universities and other public and private organisations to verify the competence of third party contractors working on site, ensuring health and safety is optimised.

Case Study: Vapour Cloud

Posted 1st December 2016

Technology provider Vapour Cloud specialises in cloud-based communications solutions. The company has expanded to new premises in Elland, West Yorkshire and reported turnover of more than £1million in its third year of trading.

Case Study: Air Global

Posted 1st October 2016

Lewis Bowen founded Air Global five years ago in response to the millions of deaths which occur annually from indoor air pollution caused by harmful fuels such as paraffin, wood and kerosene.

Case Study: CBIS Education

Posted 1st April 2016

Leeds-based CBIS Education is a robotics business that inspires young people to learn about engineering and computing.

Case Study: Stashmetrics

Posted 1st January 2016

Stashmetrics helps brands to harness the power of social media. It has developed software that provides insights for marketing professionals, increasing the impact of their budgets and saving them time.

Case Study: Renu-TPS

Posted 1st January 2016

York-based Renu-TPS has created the Cre-8 Temporary Paint System, which works like permanent paint but can be easily removed with a non-solvent gel without leaching or damaging the underlying surface.

Case Study: Fast-Form Systems

Posted 1st April 2015

Fast-Form Systems was formed in 2013 by Tony White, a construction industry veteran who initially designed a steel bracket system for concrete pouring almost 20 years ago. It evolved into Fast-Formô, a series of reusable, adjustable stainless steel brackets that replace timber frames and hold plywood and polymer board securely in place.

Case Study: Frillo

Posted 1st October 2014

Frillo.co.uk is a one stop shop for business supplies, founded in Hull by experienced technology entrepreneur Gerard Toplass.

Case Study: Concepta

Posted 1st August 2014

Concepta is a start-up company in the process of developing a new all-in-one device for pregnancy and fertility testing. It received early-stage investment from Finance Yorkshire, an angel syndicate organised by Diagnostic Capital, and the Angel CoFund, totalling £2.3million.

Case Study: XCL Management

Posted 1st January 2014

XCL Management is a new global recruitment agency that started trading on 1 August, 2013. It was established by experienced Yorkshire entrepreneur David Gallagher, who has worked in the recruitment industry for over 30 years, and his son Ewan. XCL specialises in management and director level recruitment for civil engineering, waste management and renewable energies, pneumatics and hydraulics, and financial services.

Case Study: Reset 

Posted 1st January 2014

Reset is a Sheffield-based company that launched an innovative new management system that is helping organisations monitor the competence of contractors and staff before they commence work on site.

Case Study: Property Place 

Posted 1st January 2013

Young Leeds entrepreneur Sohail Rashid launched the first property search application on Facebook in the UK in January this year and it is now the largest property network on the social network. The 27-year-old can also lay claim to the fastest growing property website of 2012. 

Case Study: Carlton Manufacturing 

Posted 1st August 2012

Carlton Manufacturing is a developer and manufacturer of sustainable construction materials. The Wakefield-based company produces a range of sustainable cements, mortars and concretes for construction and DIY sectors that contain a high proportion of locally sourced waste materials rather than freshly quarried new material.  

Case Study: Ember Ads

Posted 1st July 2012

Ember Ads is a unique online advertising business based in Leeds at the Round Foundry Media Centre.

Case Study: XeraCarb

Posted 1st June 2012

XeraCarb Ltd, a spin-off from Sheffield Hallam University, has devised a new ceramic composite material that is lightweight but very hard and strong. 

Case Study: Veracitix 

Posted 1st December 2011

Veracitix, based at The Media Centre in Huddersfield, is the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs Ian Pringle and David Grandinetti.  

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