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Case Study: Concepta

Published: August 2014

Large Picture

Left to right: Dr Steve Lee CEO, Dr Robert Porter, CTO, of Concepta, Ms Zhi Zhang, COO, Dr Ian Gilham, Chairman, Mark Wyatt of Finance Yorkshire

Large Picture

Dr Steve Lee, CEO of Concepta with Investment Director Mark Wyatt

Concepta is a start-up company in the process of developing a new all-in-one device for pregnancy and fertility testing. It received early-stage investment from Finance Yorkshire, an angel syndicate organised by Diagnostic Capital, and the Angel CoFund, totalling £2.3million.

The Company

Concepta was founded by  former senior Unipath scientists who were responsible for creating leading brands of digital fertility tests, pregnancy tests and other women’s health diagnostics, including the Clearblue pregnancy tests.

The Challenge

To move ahead with the development and commercialisation of a novel diagnostic device for the simple and accurate testing of fertility, pregnancy and early stage healthy pregnancy monitoring.

The Solution

A £2.3m round of equity financing from Finance Yorkshire (Seedcorn Fund), Diagnostic Capital and Angel CoFund. In addition, appointments to the company’s board and management team: former CEO of Axis-Shield Dr Ian Gilham joined as chairman.

The Investment Rationale

Finance Yorkshire Investment Director Mark Wyatt said: “We have worked closely with the Concepta team for some time and have been impressed by their combined expertise and knowledge in this sector. This is a significant early stage fundraising, and I look forward to continuing to work with the company as it brings its exciting products to market.”

Future Expectations

Following a period of development of the all-in-one device for pregnancy and fertility testing, Concepta is expected to move to full commercialisation of its novel consumer product.

For more information about Finance Yorkshire, please visit www.finance-yorkshire.com  or call 0845 649 0000.


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