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Case Study: Mike Hackett - Director at RBS

Published: June 2011

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Mike Hackett, Director at RBS

The Challenge

Businesses often require support to aid growth.

Mike Hackett, director at RBS, believes companies of all sizes can benefit from the advice and backing from a variety of organisations all tasked with building the region’s economy.

He said: “The most important advice I give to any business I speak to, is to seek all the advice and help they can get and examine all the options open to them. The good news is that there is plenty out there.

“My team of experienced relationship managers offers a wealth of knowledge to our SME customers and a range of solutions for financing new businesses and developments at existing companies.”

Mike says the key to a successful business is to meet with financial advisers who can offer expert advice to help a company grow.

He said: “Talk to us, talk to organisations like Finance Yorkshire, not just from the day you need to open a business account or take out a loan, but more importantly, from the day you first come up with the idea you want to turn into a successful business. That way we can cover as many eventualities as possible.

“It’s clear the focus is on providing our SMEs with the resources and finance they need to, not only survive, but thrive in the current economic environment. Together we work hard for our customers and use our differing skills and tools to provide the best possible outcome for Yorkshire businesses.”

The Solution

RBS is working alongside Finance Yorkshire to provide financial support for businesses across Yorkshire, the Humber and North and North East Lincolnshire.

Finance Yorkshire can provide seedcorn, loan and equity linked investments, ranging from £15,000 to £2million, specifically to help small and medium sized businesses meet the gaps in the market for the funding they need for growth and development.

Mike added: “The role of Finance Yorkshire in helping businesses with growth, improvements and ambitions mirrors our efforts here at RBS. In supporting viable businesses with the funding they need we are helping to drive unemployment down and increasing productivity in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

“We have worked with Finance Yorkshire on numerous occasions where we have identified that our customer would benefit from the partnership or where additional funding has been sought.”

Karl Hodson, Investment Manager at Finance Yorkshire said: “We are working closely with the Banks to put together funding packages to help businesses get the investment they require, this often mean that with the additional funding the projects can go ahead.”

Future Expectations

Mike added: “There are many companies in the region with a fantastic opportunity to expand and grow their business our customers can turn to the relationship between RBS and Finance Yorkshire for a smart solution.”

Finance Yorkshire packages have been designed to help complete projects that may not otherwise happen by complementing finance availalbe from banks and other lenders

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