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Seedcorn Finance

Finance Yorkshire is not accepting new applications for investment at this time.

At the start of 2017, Finance Yorkshire received funds from the Sheffield and Leeds City Regions to invest until the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF) was operational. NPIF was launched in February 2017. Please click here for details

The Seedcorn Fund aims to invest in early stage innovative or technology-based ventures which have the potential to become “beacon companies” for the region.

The fund fills a gap in the local finance market for ventures that are often seen as too risky for mainstream providers or which require more hands-on support from a specialist investor.

Clients are companies that are based on new and innovative technology with ideas that have strong potential and once in the market, are capable of rapid growth and returns of many multiples of their original investment.

The fund provides investment over the lifetime of those companies that show the most commercial potential. We also provide specialist support to those growing businesses in return for a share of the eventual returns.

We can help your business if you are:

  • Early stage innovative business
  • Based on strong and unique technological or 'know-how' content that will be usually be protectable
  • Beyond the research stage
  • Have potential for rapid growth and returns of many multiples of the original investment
  • Based in or have significant activity in Yorkshire and Humber region

We invest in the proposals we believe have: 

  • The chance to create a valuable defensible position in a major market, whether that defensibility will be provided by future patents, proprietary software, customer lock-in or contractual relationships.
  • An ambitious, enthusiastic and capable founder(s), who understands the problems that their offering can solve
  • Where the company has the potential to be achieve a strategic exit to a major company looking to acquire the defensible market position in 3-4 years

Seedcorn fund details:

Convertible loans and/or equity: Up to £780k
Stake sought: Significant minority stake in the Ordinary Shareholding
Exit: Exit targeted between 3 - 6 years

Seedcorn Fund investments receive intensive support from their allocated Investment Manager who is likely to attend most board meetings and can provide:

  • Help with recruiting senior team members
  • Help on financing and market entry strategy
  • Introductions to future investors and partners
  • Access to a network of professionals and advisors experienced in exactly the issues that early-stage technology companies face

Together the technology team have more than 200 board-years of experience in early-stage technology companies

How to apply

Finance Yorkshire is not accepting new applications for investment at this time.

1. Check your eligibility and send an enquiry

  • Use our brief online enquiry form to check your eligibility and send a summary of your business and your funding requirements to Finance Yorkshire.

2. Finance Yorkshire will contact you

  • A Finance Yorkshire investment manager will contact you to discuss your application, and provide any guidance you need to fill out the application form.

3. Making an application

  • When asked by the investment manager, you will need to submit an application form. Guidelines on the application process can be downloaded Enquiry/Application Guidelines. Complete all required information and send it by post to Finance Yorkshire at the address on the form.

4.  Finance Yorkshire - Customer Charter

  • We will respond to any enquiry within 5 working days. 

  • We will contact clients within 5 working day of receiving an application to request further information, arrange a mutually convenient appointment or decline the application. 

  • For Seedcorn Finance, we will normally give a formal decision within 21 working days from the resolution of the key issues.  Typically these key issues are related to legal, due dilligence, syndication, contractual and outstanding third-party checks and sign-off.

If you have any questions about making an application phone us on 0300 030 6060 or email info@finance-yorkshire.com