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Business Loans: £15k to £250k

Finance Yorkshire is not accepting new applications for investment at this time.

At the start of 2017, Finance Yorkshire received funds from the Sheffield and Leeds City Regions to invest until the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF) was operational. NPIF was launched in February 2017. Please click here for details

Finance Yorkshire business loans are for a wide range of purposes including working capital, expansion projects, commercial premises and asset acquisitions.

We help businesses that are:

  • An SME* paying business rates in the Yorkshire region or those wishing to relocate.
  • An early stage, established or growing business
  • A manufacturing or service sector business
    (some restrictions apply)
  • A revenue generating business which can demonstrate the ability to service the proposed loan repayments from the outset
  • A business with growth potential
  • And you have a gap in funding where conventional sources of finance are insufficient or unavailable.

Example business loan deals:

Gaps in funding capital expenditure where commercial funding sources (eg commercial mortgages, asset finance and business loans) cannot provide the full requirement.  Examples include:

  • Commercial Premises - (deposit, costs of moving, improvement)
  • Plant and Machinery - (deposit, tooling, installation, training)
  • Intangible Assets - (patent costs, IT software and licences)

Gaps in funding working capital where commercial funding sources (eg overdrafts and invoice finance) cannot provide the full requirement.  Examples include:

  • Increasing sales, new contracts
  • Stock Purchases
  • International Trade

Business loan details:

Loans are available over a maximum term of 5 years.

The gross interest rate charged on all loans is 12% fixed.  The business may be eligible for a rebate depending on the business classification, subject to meeting certain conditions.  Interest rebates are at the discretion of the Fund.

Classification Description Loan Amount Rebate Net Rate
(After Rebate)
Established and Profitable Minimum 5 years trading history with last 3 years profitably £15k to £150k 6% 6%
Established Minimum 3 years trading history £15k to £75k 4% 8%
Early Stage Less than 3 years trading history £15k to £50k 2% 10%

Loans greater than £150k are subject to a separate risk assessment and pricing structure.

An arrangement and monitoring fee equivalent to 3% of the loan amount is payable at the time of drawdown. Business or personal assets are not typically required to be provided as security but a personal guarantee may be required.

How to apply

Finance Yorkshire is not accepting new applications for investment at this time.

1. Check your eligibility and send an enquiry

  • Use our online enquiry form to check your eligibility and send a summary of your business and your funding requirements to Finance Yorkshire.

2. Finance Yorkshire will contact you

  • A Finance Yorkshire investment manager will contact you to discuss your enquiry, and provide any guidance you need to fill out the application form.

3. Submit an application form

  • When asked by the investment manager, you will need to submit an application form. Guidelines and the form can be downloaded Enquiry/Application Guidelines and Application Form. Complete all required information and send it by post to Finance Yorkshire at the address on the form.

4.  Finance Yorkshire - Customer Charter

  • We will respond to any enquiry within 5 working days. 

  • We will contact clients within 5 working day of receiving an application to request further information, arrange a mutually convenient appointment or decline the application. 

  • For Business Loans, we will normally give a formal decision within 21 working days from receiving the full application and the supporting information we require. 

If you have any questions about making an application phone us on 0300 030 6060 or email info@finance-yorkshire.com

*A Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) is a business employing fewer than 250 employees, with an annual turnover of less than 50m Euros or balance sheet net assets of less than 43m Euros. The business cannot be part of a larger group employing more than 249 employees and where the group owns at least a 25% share of the business.

**Exceptions - Finance Yorkshire cannot invest in the following: re-financing existing commercial borrowings, failing businesses, expansion finance in medium sized businesses (50 250 employees) in non assisted areas (We are working to reverse this last exclusion but this may take up to six months. If this exclusion is likely to affect you, please talk to us).