Green Screen Productions Ltd

Business Loans Case Study

Pictured (L‑R) are Green Screen MD Alan Latham, Ian Atkinson, Finance Yorkshire Investment Manager and Martin Bell from Red Sky Business Funding

The Company

Green Screen Productions Ltd (GSPL), based in Bubwith, near Selby is a production and production services company that has a large green screen facility.

Film producers and GSPL Managing Directors Alan Latham and Thomas Mattinson established the company in 2008 to make productions on a green screen background and produce The Knife That Killed Me. The film is based on the award-winning novel, of the same name, by Antony McGowan about the tragic story of a boy from Leeds who spirals into knife-crime.

Alan Latham said: “I also wanted to create a lasting business in Yorkshire for visual effects.”

The Challenge

It took a number of years for Alan and his team to put together the screenplay and business idea and in 2011 the company needed further support.

Thomas said GSPL needed funding for specialist equipment like computer hardware, specialist lighting, a green screen studio facility and also for funding working capital to cover labour costs including eight graduates from the University of York.

The Solution

In November 2011 GSPL approached Finance Yorkshire for investment.

Alan said: “As a creative industry I wasn’t sure if Finance Yorkshire could help us, but I received a very positive response.

GPSL was introduced to Finance Yorkshire by Martin Bell of Red Sky Business Finance who helped the company put together its business loan application.

Alan added: “We had to deliver very detailed paperwork on the rational and nature of the company as it’s not a traditional business and we had to meet strict conditions.”

The application was successful and was awarded a £150,000 business loan which helped to purchase state of the art equipment and support capital.

The Investment Rationale

Ian Atkinson, Finance Yorkshire Investment Manager, said: “GSPL is a really interesting company and our funding has helped to buy very specialist equipment that is not only helping university graduates to gain vital experience, but is also supporting the work of the creative industries and helping to sustain its future.”

Future Expectations

The Knife That Killed Me will be released in the UK by Universal Pictures (UK) and will be out at the end of the year.

Thomas said: “The green screen setup has given us the unique opportunity to have major studio movie control over every frame, whilst working to a UK indie budget.

“The support of Finance Yorkshire is very important to our ongoing development and the loan will help to improve our visual influence in Yorkshire. We are now looking to make at least five films a year.”

GSPL also intends to further extend the graduates employment under the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

Note: this case study is from Finance Yorkshire’s previous fund. Read more about Finance Yorkshire

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