Reset Certification Scheme

Seedcorn Fund Case Study

Gary Duce, Reset Certification Scheme

The company

Based in Sheffield, Reset employs 18 people. Its competence management system is used in the health, education, construction and facilities management sectors.

Companies can use Reset to confirm contractors are competent and qualified to work on site, in compliance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Construction and Design Management (CDM) regulations.

Managing Director Gary Duce explains: “There is a legal duty for organisations employing contractors to ensure they are competent to undertake the task in hand, before allowing them on site.

“Our technology not only helps organisations to do this quickly and easily, but also checks the contractor fully complies with specific requirements, such as public liability insurance, and keeps fully auditable records along the way.”

Finance Yorkshire involvement

Finance Yorkshire provided £300,000 from its Seedcorn Fund which enabled Reset to further develop and market its technology to a range of sectors which employ contractors on a regular basis.

Gary said: “Finance Yorkshire’s investment supported us at an important time when we were gaining a foothold in the marketplace and needed to ramp up our marketing, sales and software development.”

The Investment Rationale

Emma Cross, investment executive at Finance Yorkshire, said: “Gary and his team have developed innovative technology and turned it into a product which provides organisations, contract companies and individual contractors with time-saving tools to prove competence and meet the necessary regulations.

“Our investment helped support Reset’s growth and the company has gone on to prove its potential with a substantial number of organisations joining the scheme.”

Future Expectations

Reset’s technology is now used at over 200 NHS sites and several universities across the UK, in addition to many public and private sector businesses.

Reset’s growth plans are buoyed by a successful pilot scheme with ENGIE UK, part of a global facilities management business.

Gary added: “The pilot scheme with ENGIE UK will help accelerate our growth as well as generate wider awareness of the Reset brand. ENGIE UK is one of the largest employers in the UK and is a service provider at over 14,000 public and private sector sites.”

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