The Proton Group

Business Loans Case Study

Left to right, Murray Angus, The Proton Group; Alex McWhirter and Mike Barber, Finance Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire based The Proton Group was established more than 50 years ago and specialises in cleaning products for the hospitality sector. Known for innovation, they work closely with many UK brewers and have unique product and educational offerings.

The company

The Proton Group employs more than 25 people at its manufacturing plant in Normanton which includes warehousing and distribution facilities. The business is targeting £5m turnover this year.

The challenge

The company’s growth strategy is to develop new, innovative products which are environmentally friendly.

Finance Yorkshire involvement

A £175,000 investment from Finance Yorkshire’s business loans is supporting The Proton Group to invest in its plant and equipment while also working on new products for customers.

Managing Director Murray Angus said: “Innovation is important to us, and we have just seen the launch of a new specialist product range that will be used by technicians within the trade, aimed at saving money and time for the brewers.”

The investment rationale

Alex McWhirter, chief executive of Finance Yorkshire, said: “The Proton Group is a well- established Yorkshire business with a strong track record of innovation and product development which has been integral to its success over the last five decades.

“We are pleased to support the company as it continues to innovate and win new contracts in its target markets.”

Future expectations

Murray Angus said: “We have a focus on sustainability and currently pursuing how we can support this both with alternative packaging solutions and less harmful chemicals.”

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