Green Peas Solutions

Business Loans Case Study

Left to Right: Steven Piper, Co-Founder Green Peas Solutions, Ian Howson, Finance Yorkshire Investment Manager, Evelin Kallas, Marketing Director Green Peas Solutions, Sharon Neal, Certax Accounting

Wakefield-based Green Peas Solutions designs and distributes sustainable, environmentally-friendly packaging materials around the world, saving companies money and reducing their carbon footprints. The company counts among its clients some of the best known major manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony and HP.

The Company

Green Peas Solutions, launched in 2009, specialises in reusable alternatives to traditional packaging materials such as foam, cardboard and tension support packaging. Its innovative Air Pod™ product range contains just 2% film and 98% air and can be reused. And apart from providing reusable packaging alternatives, Green Peas Solutions typically manages to cut the volumetric size of packaging, hence driving cost reduction in several areas of the supply chain.

The Challenge

The company needed to expand its marketing activity to increase business in overseas markets. In addition, Green Peas Solutions wanted to invest in its research and development to expand its innovative packaging solutions.

The Solution

Finance Yorkshire provided a £50,000 Business Loan to support the company in its aspirations to expand its global customer portfolio. Marketing Director Evelin Kallas said: “We are constantly developing new packaging products to drive cost savings in supply chains and this funding is vital to our R&D so that we can come up with even more innovative solutions for existing and new clients.”

The Investment Rationale

Green Peas Solutions has a design team based in Wakefield and it works with agents across the world to distribute its products. Finance Yorkshire Investment Manager Ian Howson said: “Green Peas Solutions has developed a great concept in its range of Air Pod™ packaging and already has an impressive portfolio of major global consumer electronics manufacturers. We recognise the company’s potential for significant growth given its ambition to develop more innovative packaging solutions with the ability to reduce waste and cut carbon emissions.”

Future Expectations

Electronic products and components such as televisions, laptops and mobile phones all require specialist packaging to enable safe transportation within the aftersales service market. Green Peas Solutions ‘greens’ the supply chains of major manufacturers, significantly reducing packaging waste and saving costs – and this can only attract further interest in the company’s innovative solutions.

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